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Make a New Year’s Resolution that Counts

As the end of the year grows near, ‘tis the season for festive holiday parties, tacky Christmas sweaters and decking the halls. It’s also that magical time of year when healthcare plans change more

Be a Hero, Not a Zero

It’s not easy being a broker in these tumultuous times. But as the old saying goes, challenge begets opportunity. As the benefits industry continues to shift and evolve, now is the time to become more

Let's Get Engaged

If brokers want to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain benefits world, they must take an active role in educating and engaging employees. There are many strategies to engage employees in more

Introducing the New Benefits eBook!

Our eBook captures the thoughts and opinions of senior leadership at New Benefits including CEO Joel Ray, COO Marti Powles, EVP of Global Sales Brian Latkowski and EVP Dulce Bozeman. This more

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

These days, there are multiple generations in the workforce: from the multi-tasking Millennial who wants everything right now to the busy Gen X’er with a full-time working spouse and three kids more

Cover Your Assets

There is no question an organization’s number one asset is its people. If an employer wants to boost their bottom line, they must take care of their most important asset. Many employers more

Non-Insurance Products are the Next Evolution in Employee Benefits

As the EVP Employee Benefits Practice Leader with New Benefits, I spend a lot of time talking with brokers. I often ask them if they remember back 10 years ago when I encouraged them to go out more