Why a COVID-Impacted Open Enrollment is the Ideal Time to Sell Non-Insured Benefits

Posted on: October 7, 2020 at 9:00 AM by New Benefits Blog

Adaptation is key for 2020 Open Enrollment. With physical, mental, and financial health all declining due to COVID-19, employees are taking their benefit decisions more seriously this year than ever before. But traditional health insurance plans haven’t adapted to this shifting landscape, leaving gaps in employees’ coverage. You can help bridge the gaps with non-insured benefits.

As the name implies, non-insured benefits are not covered by insurance - there are no premiums, claims, or deductibles. Benefits like telemedicine, behavioral health counseling, legal services, financial helplines, COVID tracking, earned wage access, and caregiver support resources can be offered alongside insurance plans to help employees manage their pandemic-impacted lives.

People are scared right now. Employees need to know they have stability and help at work to balance the uncertainty we’ve all been struggling through this year, so providing these unique solutions to your clients strengthens your role as the trusted advisor. Among the reasons you should consider adding non-insured benefits to your offerings this year are their affordability, complementary nature to insurance plans, and accessibility for the whole workforce regardless of eligibility.

To get the most out of your non-insured benefit solution, you need a partner who knows what they’re doing. New Benefits has been acknowledged as a leader in the benefits space for the last 30 years. We have the knowledge, experience, and fresh mindset to help you create the custom solution your clients need. New Benefits also provides administrative and printing support to make Open Enrollment a breeze, no matter the circumstances.

Contact NewSales@NewBenefits.com to create your custom non-insured benefits solution for Open Enrollment.