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Upcoming Webinar: Connecting to Better Mental Health with MDLIVE

Register now for our upcoming webinar: Connecting to Better Mental Health with MDLIVE, May 30 at 11:00 am Central Time.

shutterstock_1033093732Half of U.S. workers struggle with above average stress levels. Feeling a little bit of stress is common, and even beneficial, when you need an extra boost to meet a deadline or ace a presentation. But when stress becomes unrelenting, and the demands and pressures in your life keep building up with no relief, you’re dealing with chronic stress, which is classified as a mental health issue.

Chronic stress can develop when an employee’s work and personal issues escalate beyond their ability to manage their stressors, often leading to anxiety or depression. Productivity takes a big hit when employees are trying to manage chronic stress on top of their work responsibilities, which often contribute to the stress. A Willis Towers Watson survey found that employees dealing with chronic stress took twice as many sick days per year and had 50% higher levels of presenteeism. In total, employers are losing at least $193 billion annually to employees’ untreated mental health disorders, like chronic stress.

For employees to take back control of their stressors and improve productivity, they need access to mental health resources. MDLIVE recently added behavioral health counseling to their telehealth suite, providing employees a convenient, private platform to receive treatment for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other common mental health concerns.

Join our resident benefits expert, Amanda Franklin, EVP Operations, and Drew Ben-Aharon, SVP at MDLIVE, to learn all about our latest behavioral health resource in our upcoming webinar: Connecting to Better Mental Health with MDLIVE, May 30 at 11:00 am Central Time. You’ll learn how the service works, why it’s effective, and the value of addressing mental health with a convenient resource.

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