New Benefits Partners with WINFertility to Provide Fertility Advocacy Benefit

Posted on: April 22, 2020 at 9:30 AM by New Benefits Blog

Fertility Advocacy by WINFertility improves clinical outcomes while decreasing healthcare expenses.

DALLAS - April 22, 2020 - New Benefits, the leading wholesaler of non-insured benefits, announces their partnership with WINFertility, the national leader in managed fertility benefits, to deliver a cost-effective Fertility Advocacy solution for employers. Fertility Advocacy provides employees with personalized guidance and support through their fertility treatment journey, and can be implemented as part of a non-insured benefits package through New Benefits. 

“Millennials and younger employees are focusing more on building their education and careers before starting a family,” said Dulce Bozeman, President and Chief People Officer at New Benefits. “By sponsoring a benefit like Fertility Advocacy, employers have an opportunity to demonstrate empathy and provide a valuable resource for employees in this stage of life. In turn, employers can attract and retain top talent, improve productivity, and provide better health outcomes for employees.”  

Infertility affects one in eight couples, and employees struggling to build a family face higher rates of depression, absenteeism, and turnover in the workplace. Fertility treatments and drugs are not typically covered by insurance, so couples are often paying for treatments out of pocket. The average costs in the U.S. can be over $11,000 for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), $7,000 for egg freezing, and $3,000 for IVF injectable fertility medications. 

“We chose WINFertility as our Fertility Advocacy partner because they assist families with solutions throughout the entire fertility journey,” said Amanda Franklin, Executive Vice President of Operations at New Benefits. “They provide support addressing not only the financial and physical challenges, but focus on mental and emotional well-being as well.”

Fertility Advocacy gives employees a highly experienced Nurse Care Manager as their advocate to explore treatment options, access to a network of top-ranked fertility specialists, IVF treatment and fertility medication discount bundles, access to genetic testing and egg freezing services, financing options, and more. Additional features of Fertility Advocacy include:

  • Behavioral Health Care Managers who provide counseling on grief associated with infertility, managing stress, and more
  • Complimentary prenatal package
  • Up to 40% in exclusive savings

“Today’s employers have an opportunity to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace by offering all-inclusive fertility coverage,” said Peter Nieves, Chief Commercial Officer at WINFertility. “However, offering all-inclusive coverage can be demanding, costly, and disruptive. With WIN’s family-building solutions, our patients gain a clinical advocate to help them make the best decisions and find the best care from our network of high-performing doctors. Patients also have access to medical and Rx discounted cycles, delivering improved outcomes at the lowest cost. More than 20 years of experience and data-driven protocols have allowed us to help over 100,000 patients achieve parenthood.”

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