Add Value With Our $500 Vehicle Rebate

New Benefits is excited to announce BonusDrive Advantage, a unique value-add benefit with a $500 rebate to consumers who buy or lease new Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Hyundai vehicles. Unlike other promotions offered by manufacturers and dealers, BonusDrive Advantage can be combined with applicable rebates, incentives, discounts and promotions. Additionally, negotiations are taking place with other car manufacturers and more are expected to offer our $500 rebate soon. There is no benefit cost to the sponsor and BonusDrive Advantage can be offered by itself or added to an existing benefit package.

According to Joel Ray, CEO of New Benefits, “The beauty of BonusDrive Advantage in addition to the $500 rebate is the simplicity of the program. Make your best deal with a Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat or Hyundai dealer, submit an application from the sponsoring organization within 60 days of purchase or lease, and receive a check in the mail for $500. It’s that simple!”

BonusDrive Advantage is available to sponsoring organizations such as insurance companies, credit unions, consulting firms, non-profits, banks, associations, employers, etc. Please call 844-529-5785 or email for information on how to get started.

Visit for Terms of Service.

–Angelia Pinaga, Marketing Director

Copyright © 2017 by New Benefits, Ltd.  All rights reserved.

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